GEN Lehends nhận định về sức mạnh của Janna trong meta hiện tại

Player GEN Lehends commented on the strength of Janna, Singed and revealed that he has a lot of unused trump cards in the LCK.


On the afternoon of January 26, Gen.G Esports team excellently won against Kwangdong Freecs with a score of 2-0, thereby taking the top place from the hands of Kwangdong Freecs. T1.

In game two, support player Lehends used Janna – a champion that had never been picked up until now, and ended the game with a pretty good KDA (0/07). In the post-match interview, he shared his assessment of the strength of general Janna.

Janna is the least picked champion in the pro arena this season

“In the previous version, Janna was very strong in laning and was okay in the late game. Now, she has become extremely flexible in the late game” – Lehends shared.

Explaining that he only used Janna once in game 2, Lehends clarified that he used it again in mid lane to protect Aphelios from being chased by Akali. However, that tackle didn’t have too much of an impact on the game and it was probably ignored.

GEN Lehends comments on Janna's strength in the current meta 107447

The male player also admitted that he only used 50% – 75% of the strength of the generals Singed and Janna. Besides, he revealed that he still has a lot of unused trump cards at the tournament LCK Spring 2022 this time.

“I think I’ve only used 50% of Singed’s power and 75% of Janna’s. There’s a lot to do with Janna. I just need to step back and not let myself lie down.”

“My champion pool is quite strange and different from other supports in the LCK. I have a lot of champions that haven’t been used yet and will definitely make everyone excited” – Lehends shared.

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