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What is red wood? one of the four valuable woods in both aesthetic and economic terms. Furniture products made from redwoods are very expensive. However, many people still choose. So what is red wood so popular? The article will help you answer this question.


Before going to learn the characteristics of red wood, let’s go Dongsuh Furniture Learn about red percussion trees. This information will help you to understand more about why this tree has high economic value and belongs to the group of rare timber species of Vietnam.

1. Some scientific information about red percussion

  • Common names: red type, tiger skin, tomato
  • English name: Doussie
  • Scientific name: Afzelia xylocarpa
  • Belongs to the legume family – Fabaceae, legume – Fabales
  • Belonging to group I – a group of rare and precious woods with beautiful vein and high economic value
  • Place of distribution: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Tàu khựa, South Africa.

In Vietnam, red wood is distributed from North to South, in which many appear in the provinces of Thua Thien Hue, Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc, Ninh Thuan, Dong Nai.

2. Red wood tree identification characteristics

To distinguish the red percussion tree from other plants in the wild, pay attention to the following features:

  • Red percussion size

The red perennial tree is a woody plant. Tree height from 25m – 40m. Natural perennial red perennials usually have a height of 40m. The diameter of the trunk usually ranges from 0.8m – 1m. For example, the old red woodpecker in Cat Tien National Forest is about 5 arm span of an adult.

Red knocker tree more than 7 centuries in Cat Tien National Forest

  • Tree characteristics

Red percussion stem has white or gray bark. The stems and shoots are usually smooth. But when the tree is mature, the stem has a rough bark with some brown holes. Red percussion tree low branches, wide canopy. Therefore, today people plant many red percussion trees in the streets and parks to create cool shade.

With the feature of low stratification of broad canopy, red woodcutting trees are used as shade trees and grown in public buildings.

Red percussion leaves are oval in shape, with the tip of the leaves oblong. The length of the leaves is about 5cm – 6 cm. It is characteristic of red percussion leaves to be green. Two leaves are smooth and shiny. The leaves are of the single-feather double type. That means that each branch brings from 3 to 5 leaflets. Red woodpeckers usually lose their leaves in the winter from December to around February of the following year. From March to April, young leaves begin to produce.

Leaves and flowers of red percussion

The flowers of the red periwinkle are quite special. The flowers grow in clusters lượt thích a phoenix. The flower cluster has a mace shape at the top. The petals are green, light yellow, one of which will be pink. Flowers usually appear with young leaves around March and April of the calendar. Red knocked flowers are hermaphrodites.

The tree will bear fruit and be harvested around October or November each year. Red percussion fruit is about 15cm – 20 cm long. When young, the fruit is light green. When old, it is dark brown, black. The fruit stalk is orange, the seed coat is hard. Plants have the ability to regenerate from seeds very well. Because it is a tree of good quality and high economic value, young red percussion trees are now cultivated everywhere.

Young red woodcutting trees have been planted a lot to partly reduce the situation of exploiting rare and precious red percussion trees in the natural forest.

3. Biological characteristics of red woodwood trees

Red percussion tree what? This is a slow growing tree, so the red wood is very solid, heavy with many beautiful wood veins. The biological characteristics of red wood are suitable for soil with medium mechanical composition, in areas with flat or low soil layers or on drainage slopes. Normal altitude ranges from 300m – 700m above sea level. There are cases where the tree can survive at an altitude of 1000m above sea level.

Red wooded trees lượt thích to live in humid tropical forests, evergreen forests. This is a photophilic plant that grows well where there is a lot of sunlight. That is the reason that red woodwood is widely distributed in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, South of Tàu khựa and in some African countries such as South Africa.

Red perennials grow in natural forests


Understanding the characteristics of red wood will help you to choose products made from this precious wood. Avoid being fooled by confusion with some other wood.

1. Characteristics of red percussion

The famous red woodwood is a precious wood belonging to the group with the quartet of Lim – Sen – Trac – Mah. This is a group of wood loved by kings and aristocrats in the past for household furniture. The red wood has beautiful natural stripes with black stripes lượt thích tiger streaks. Maybe this is the origin of the name tiger skin. Using red wood was a way of showing power and wealth of the ancient aristocracy.

His love for red wood lies not only in the grain but also in màu sắc, durability and scent.

  • Red wood màu sắc:

Red percussion wood is light red or dark red. The log on the tree trunk creates beautiful swirls.

Red wooden planks with light red colors with beautiful black veins and swirls.

  • Reliability:

Because of slow growth, the wood of the red percussion tree is very hard, not affected by termites and water. Or warped due to weather factors.

  • Fragrant:

Red percussion has a very pleasant natural fragrance. Therefore, interior products made from this wood are popular for creating a relaxing feeling for the users.

2. Classification of red wood

Currently, wood is classified into two main categories: Lao Red Wood and South African Red Wood. The classification is based on wood usage. These are two types of wood used a lot to make wooden furniture, handicrafts. Here are some characteristics to identify these two types of red wood.

Characteristics of red typing Laos

The Lao red wood has a deep dark màu sắc. The wood is quite evenly colored. The wood fibers are thick and dense, so they are very hard. When holding the hand, it feels quite heavy. The lifespan of Lao trees is usually from several decades to several hundred years, so the core is very durable and solid. Therefore, the value of Laos woodcutting wood is very high.

Lao red wood with clear and beautiful natural veins

Characteristic of South African red wood

Compared to Lao redwood, South African percussion has a lower value. Because South African wood is lighter in weight, lighter in màu sắc, thin grain, unclear texture. Although not made of Laos wood, this wood is still harder and more durable than many types of wood on the market. That is the reason that people love South African red wood after Laos wood.

South African Red Wood with matte lines and lighter màu sắc than Laos wood.

Another reason why Lao redwood has a higher value than South African wood is due to its origin. It is often reported that redwoods are logged in the natural forests of Laos. And South African red wood is the wood planted by humans for timber extraction. Therefore, the growing time is shorter, only a few decades. While Lao woodcutting can be up to a hundred years.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of red wood


  • Red percussion wood is durable and strong

  • The wood is not termite, is not water repellent, so there is no worry of mold

  • Has good bearing capacity, withstands strong impacts, does not warp

  • Scented wood brings a sense of comfort and relaxation to the user

  • The natural wood grain is beautiful, not fading over time due to the impact of the weather


  • Because wood has good hardness and heavy weight, the process takes a lot of time and effort. Due to the origin and characteristics of the wood, red wood products are of high value. It is higher than other natural and industrial woods on the market.

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4. How to identify red wood

Because this is a valuable wood with high economic value, interior products made from red wood are expensive. When choosing to buy you should know how to recognize red wood. How to know as follows:

To identify red woodcut, look at the textures. If the lines are large, the wooden corners of yellow and black are scattered, the composition is irregular, then it is real red wood. According to the concept of phong thủy, the yellow and black colors of these wood fibers are very good. Because it represents yin and yang harmony. You can hold the wood in your hand. If you feel heavy hands, it is red wood.

5. Compare red timbers with some other woods

  • Compare red perched wood with mahogany

The common characteristics of these two types of wood are rare, high-strength wood with beautiful natural veins. When used as long, the surface of the wood is more beautiful without fading.

The difference is: red percussion wood is red or brown and mahogany is black (ebony). The weight of mahogany is lighter than that of red wood.

Furniture and collapsible models are made of mahogany, so there is a characteristic màu đen

  • Compare redwood with ironwood

Ironwood is a precious wood such as red wood, but has a rarer level. The ironwood ranges in màu sắc from brown to dark brown. Different from red perched wood is red or brown. If the red wood has a fragrant aroma, the ironwood has a dark smell.

Ironwood has very high durability, so it has been used to build houses and palaces since ancient times

  • Comparing red wood with sandalwood

The common point of these two types of wood is that they belong to the same legumes group, light-loving plants, and fragrant scent. Fluffy, indistinct sandalwood grain with red wood. The màu sắc of red sandalwood is darker than red wood.

Sandalwood floors are a darker red than red wood


With its outstanding advantages compared to many other types of wood, red wood is widely used in making home furniture. Typically as:

1. Wooden bed is knocked red

Red percussion wood is very popular for making beds. Besides the advantage of good durability, certainly the scent is one thing that attracts customers. Pleasant scent is good for the health of the user.

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2. Wooden furniture red

The furniture made of red wood brings a luxurious space, a way of expressing the wealth and authority of the owner.

Furniture made of Lao red wood can be identified by the dark brown màu sắc

In addition, people also design a sofa made of red wood.

Wooden sofa table set in red with clear lines, beautiful colors

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3. Red wood-knocked dining tables and chairs

Thanks to the ability to withstand force and heat well, people have used red wood to make tables and chairs. With warm colors and beautiful natural wood grain, the red wooden furniture brings a cozy space for the family.

Red wooden dining tables and chairs bring a warm and happy feeling to the kitchen space.

4. Red wood knocker closet

Because the red wood is not waterproof, it is not affected by termites and mold. Therefore, the wardrobe is made of red wood to bring peace of mind to the user in the preservation of clothes and accessories.

Wardrobe pattern made of natural red wood

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5. Red wood-knocked wooden floor

People also use red wood to make the floor because it has good bearing capacity, is not waterproof.

The floor made of red wood will help housewives easier to clean, and at the same time, will not get moldy when it is raging.

6. Kitchen cabinets made of red wood

The kitchen cabinet made of wood has a good advantage in preserving food because it does not worry about mold. Next is the ability to easily clean, withstand force and heat well. Wood màu sắc creates a cozy space for the kitchen.

These days people have used South African red wood to make kitchen cabinets

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7. Decorative red wood cabinet

Red wooden wine cabinet brings a luxurious space to the house

In addition, people also use red wood to make handicrafts such as vase, water hyacinth, …

Decorative vase made of red wood

Hopefully with the answers of Dongsuh Furniture, you already know what red wood is. Also know more ways to identify to avoid buying mistakenly with other woods. Red wood products are often expensive.

If you love natural furniture, but your financial condition does not allow, then please refer to Dongsuh Furniture’s furniture products. The Korean furniture brand not only offers good quality products at affordable prices, but also has many attractive promotions. nhấp chuột come in kiểm tra out the current promotions!

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