Những mẫu nhà cấp 4 diện tích 120m2 mang 3 phòng ngủ thích mắt nhất

Design needs 4-grade house with area of ​​120m2 has 3 bedrooms Nowadays, it is very popular, especially when the garden houses built in rural areas are popular in urban and townhouses. The clear parameters of the size, the area of ​​the house and the profile of the function make it easy to see that this is a very simple but comfortable house model that meets the basic needs of the family. For a grade 4 house, which is a common architectural style in suburbs and rural areas, a 1-storey garden house can be a 1-storey house with flat or tiled roof, corrugated iron roof, it can also be horizontal house, square house or tube house, with many shapes of grade 4 house and different types of roof, you are không tính phí to choose the grade 4 house according to your liking. Sample House Level 4 with an area of ​​120m2 has 3 bedrooms designed for the private use of families with many members. Let us refer to some 4-grade house with an area of ​​120m2 with 3 bedrooms through the reading below!

Why should design a grade 4 house with 3 bedrooms, 120m2?

With the design requirements given, it can be clearly seen that this is a grade 4 house 120m2 3 bedroom 1 worship room built in the house’s private chapel is reasonable, skillful and suitable for phong thủy. Previously, in the 4-level house models, the altar was often combined with the common living room or placed in the center of the house for the horizontal house, but nowadays, as the life is improving, the convenience is increased. . The house is designed to enhance privacy and is clearer in terms of use so it does not affect other living spaces in the house. Therefore, when designing a grade 4 house, the homeowner asked to set up a separate small shrine room to facilitate the sacred and respectful worship of the descendants. The 120-square-meter grade 4 house model is only enough for 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 kitchen with a private shrine room, but the architect’s skillful handling has made things easier.

Your motel room should be designed with a small area of ​​about 10m2 or less to save the area used for a 120m2 grade 4 house, 3 bedrooms, 1 worship space. Bedroom. If you feel the space to use the room is a bit cramped due to the functional requirements, you can use the solution of building an extra floor or mezzanine to expand the space used in the house. You can be much more economical than a two-story house. When arranging the church room for model 4, 120m2, 3 bedrooms, 1 church, it is necessary to pay attention to the feng-shui issue of the church room such as not placing the altar and not placing it close to the opposite or toilet. room. Opposite the kitchen. The truth about God is a sacred space, so these important points should not be overlooked.

Model 4-level house with an area of ​​120m2 has 3 bedrooms, 1 room, worshiping modern Thai architecture

Modern roof architecture today is no stranger because many families use this type of architecture for their house, especially those with spacious garden land. The roof not only brings charm and closeness to the garden space, rural space, but also luxurious, superficial, in addition, it also helps insulate heat and prevent heat. Although the cost of building a corrugated iron roof is higher than a flat roof, with outstanding advantages, there is no reason for us to refuse to invest in the design and construction of a beautiful roof. Most of them are built in spacious garden lots and are skillfully handled in the style of a garden house, so the aesthetic value does not have to be discussed.

The solution of making a villa loft is understood as a way to expand the usable area of ​​the house to 120m2 to meet the investor’s needs. The area of ​​the attic floor is about 80m2, equal to 2/3 of the ground floor area, so construction costs also increase significantly, but with a simple architectural design, it saves a lot of costs. Modern roof architecture is not sophisticated, not meticulous with strong and solid lines showing luxury. It is easy to see that the roof architecture has cleverly exalted the elegant and lofty beauty of the house. From the square, healthy and modern townhouses, when combined with the soft rhythmic roof, it seems lượt thích two opposing blocks, but when combined, complement each other to create a perfect architectural block. . . Going to garden houses makes it easy to attract people facing by architecture and nature.

Layout of the first floor, a model of grade 4 house 120m2, 3 bedrooms, a worshiping room, including: Living room: 26.5m2, Dining room: 29.5m2, Bedroom: 16.6m2, Kitchen: 15.1m2, WC1: 5.8m2. The 2nd floor plan includes functional rooms as follows: Warehouse: 21m2, Church room 11.4m2, Balcony 6.5m2, Bedroom 2: 14.5m2, Bedroom 3: 16m2, WC2: 4.17m2. The usable area of ​​the second floor is only 80m2, the staircase leading up to the floor connecting with the worship room, the worship room is located in the center, in the same direction as the house. 2 spacious interior bedrooms help you completely convenient in travel and living. The balcony is close to the location of the church room and the bedroom is also fit, small to suit the needs of use and creates ventilation for this beautiful 3-bedroom mezzanine model.

Admire the beauty of modern simplicity from the perspective of Mr. nhị’s 4-roof house model in Lai Chau, you will be amazed at the simplicity, not fussy, ostentatious but still attracts people to explore. about luxury, friendliness but still hides the luxury. The house is a bit traditional but no less modern, sophisticated and especially close to nature, open and airy space brings a feeling of lightness and comfort to family members.

The roof is designed in an inverted, multi-dimensional, sloping roof to ensure fast drainage, waterproof, and leak-proof, so it is lượt thích a large umbrella to shield and protect the inside of the house. The roof is leveled structure, the roof is triangular downwards, poured with concrete, then glued with Thai tiles. The roof is structured to the back, the upper roof is higher than the front, so when viewed from above, small tiled waves will look very eye-catching.

Functional ground floor on the ground floor includes the following functional rooms: hall, living room 30m2, breathing room 8m2, bedroom 1 16m2, bedroom 3 17m2, wc 4.5m2. The space of the worship room with an area of ​​8m2 is extremely reasonable, suitable for the arrangement of other function rooms. Because the using area is relatively large 120m2, when arranging 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 3 bedrooms, the rooms will have spacious and airy areas.

Grade 4 house with an area of ​​120m2 has 3 beautiful bedrooms

See the entire design of a 4-storey house with 120m2 3 bedrooms 1 bouncing on the solid architectural blocks of the pillars that tư vấn the roof. From the steps to the handrails, they are covered with gray marble, very shiny and clean. Looks very eye-catching. The base part has a step design, an umbrella for growing flowers and ornamental plants. Create air-conditioning to create airy space … The wall to the foot of the roof is covered with light blue stone to create a sense of certainty, cool and keep the walls. clean, avoid moss when it rains, increase the life of the wall.

The solid, solid, harmonious architectural block of the 120m2 house model makes many people love it, both simple and luxurious because of the superficial roof system and modern materials used to paving the floor. point. Modern house models are inexpensive but still possesses a youthful and luxurious beauty.

The design of a 120m2 grade house is designed by architects including: 3 bedrooms, 1 worship room, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms. Size is one of the factors that you need to consider right from the planning stage to get a beautiful and standard interior design idea. Accordingly, the design of a modern 120m2 grade 4 house is considered and carefully calculated by architects about the area of ​​each area in the house, along with the size of the furniture that you will buy. Providing architectural drawings for house 4 120m2 3 bedrooms 1 unique 11x14m Thai roof worship room

Different from the models that I have introduced, this is a unique level 4 house design designed to combine simple and healthy modern architecture with European neoclassical architecture with details. pillar. The curvaceous layout along the soft Thai arches on the side of the lobby creates an elegant and elegant beauty for the 4-tier house model 120m2 3 bedrooms 1 worshiping Thai roof.

Model 4-bedroom beautiful 3-bedroom roof is designed with round, solid pillars, thick pillars and makes the viewer feel lượt thích “braces” that help fix the entire pillar. whole roof concrete block. Blocks race out to cover the veranda as well as avoid storms entering the house, and the porch is also a corridor for homeowners to move in a clean and convenient way.

Grade 4 house with area of ​​120m2 has 3 bedrooms with beautiful roof

Designing a grade 4 house 120m2 3 bedrooms 1 room with flat roofs will save you a significant construction cost compared to a more modern roof and also take advantage of the empty space in the yard. roof for placing water tanks, drying yards, growing greens … However, for model architecture of level 4 flat roofs, you need to pay attention to use anti-heat measures such as plaster ceilings to use for space. furniture. feel more comfortable, avoid hot and hot feelings.

Building a 4-level garden house with 120m2 of resort-style roof is the construction needs of many families who lượt thích simple, modern and new beauty. Modern architectural style is applied to the 120m2 grade 4 house with strong and youthful shapes to create an ideal project.

Model 4-level house 120m2 3 bedrooms 1 modern worship room, impressed by geometric blocks freely stacked

When designing or building a grade 4 house with an investment of around 1 billion VND, you should look to architectural units to own a beautiful house so as not to waste the construction investment. Although quite simple in both function and architecture, comfort, elegance and sustainable quality of the project are always guaranteed when designed by angcovat architecture. . Any questions or need advice on designing beautiful house and villa models, please tương tác us immediately to get direct advice from architects.

Above are some models of 4-level house with an area of ​​120m2 with 3 bedrooms, that Build No. has sent to you. Hope you will find new ideas for your future home!

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