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Thai roofs are being searched by many people not only for their aesthetics but also for the advantages that this type of roof brings. So the cost of building a 2-storey Thai roof How much is the price to help homeowners calculate whether the construction cost is suitable for the current budget.

Why choose to build 2-storey Thai roof, hot designs today

A familiar image in our country in recent years is the two-story Thai-roofed houses that grow lượt thích mushrooms with a distinctive feature. Affordable, since Thai roof was introduced into Vietnam has created a good impression in both design and quality for users. The 2-storey roof houses always create a unique highlight to choose their own customer file.

The two-storey roof house is a trend that many people choose.

You should choose a Thai roof when building a 2-storey house that many homeowners choose for their future home because of the great advantages that Thai roofs bring.

With such steep slopes, Thai roof houses make a strong impression on all who see it with the thought of how it is possible to design such a large roof. Moreover, this Thai roof is also suitable for all different design styles, so it also becomes a reason for homeowners to consider choosing. Thai roof with modern-style architecture contributes to making the house taller, more airy, creating a modern, comfortable and airy beauty.

This next feature is sure to please any discerning homeowner. If choosing a flat roof before, what is that homeowner encounter? Yes, those who have used flat roofs for their houses will understand that when it rains heavily, and after a period of use, flat roofs will appear stains that occur because flat roofs do not have. The slope is ideal, causing large stagnation of water. And to improve this, it is necessary to consider the plan to turn the flat roof into a green tree or gravel on the top. The cost to be able to complete a tum with an area of ​​100m2 calculated is about 50 million VND. This is not a small number for many homeowners.

With many impressive styles to help homeowners find a design lượt thích that.

But when choosing a Thai roof for a 2-storey house, this absolutely does not happen because the large slope prevents water from accumulating on the roof, so there is no possibility of causing mold to the roof. Good heat resistance is also mentioned a lot when homeowners choose Thai roofs. With a steep slope, it has the effect of limiting direct sunlight to the house, helping the house to avoid a large amount of heat.

To be able to ensure the above, when constructing the roof of the 2-storey house Attention should be paid to the following points:

  • The slope of Thai roofs is at least 30 degrees, ranging from 30 to 45 degrees.
  • The maximum length from the top down is 10m.
  • Because of the steep slope, fix the tile with firm screws.
  • Place tiles not too far away, not too tight together.
  • During the construction process, the roofing tiles should not be covered up, causing danger to the operator.
  • After the roofing is completed, clean the roof once again, apply protective paint to ensure the aesthetics and longevity of the Thai roof.
  • The standard is for 1m2 to have 10 bricks. The cost for the wrapped brick is 30,000 VND / piece, the rental for the construction worker is 5 million VND / m2, the finishing cost for a house with a floor area of ​​100m2 will be 40 million VND.

From the above advantages, architects have released super beautiful designs that have entered the design trend in recent years, such as:

The design of a 2-storey house with American-style roof.

Build a 2-storey Thai roof American design style. The outstanding feature of this house is the image of nhái tubes, made of concrete, combined with square shapes, the windows are surrounded by wood outside and the glass windows in the area. roof floor. Advantages create modern architecture with extremely large space for family activities.

Neoclassical architecture is also mainly interested by many people.

Building a Thai 2-storey roof with neoclassical style. The most striking feature that can be easily recognized this style is the use of housing columns in the outer area to create a solid, strong, characteristic image in European design. This design part also designs the lobby area with a small Thai roof, so looking from the facade looks a big and luxurious house.

Modern style 2-storey roof design template.

With a modern style, the outstanding 2-storey Thai roof is the creative use of a creative design when the Thai roof is fully utilized its slope when sliding from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor. This succession will clearly divide into two main areas: family and members living space and worship space.

The homeowner chooses a style according to his personal taste and must match the area of ​​your own house. Certainly, the 2-storey Thai roofs in the future will make a very interesting new impression. Visit the roof top houses first and make a decision for your future home. Will definitely make you completely convinced.

Factors affecting the cost of building a 2-storey Thai roof

One of the first factors affecting the current cost of building a 2-story Thai roof is the size and construction area. If the same scale but the construction area of ​​different owners, people only build 90m2, others build 100m2, the cost is different. Therefore, depending on the capacity of use, the available budget, and the intention of the owner to choose the right area, avoid causing waste.

There are many cost factors, you should consult for more useful information.

The design style is the main factor affecting the cost of building a 2-story Thai roof. Modern style with simple trend, no elaborate detail, using the architect’s creativity combined with personal style to create the house. The classical and neoclassical styles focus on details, highlighting the sophisticated line patterns, requiring standards in design, the correct arrangement according to European standards. That is also the reason why it is necessary to hire experienced and skilled workers to build a European-style house. Construction costs will also be charged a lot.

Choosing the foundation for construction also affects more or less the general construction cost of a 2-storey Thai roof. If the soil is good, homeowners can build houses with single foundations, ice foundations, but if the ground is weak, it is necessary to Showroom extremely solid machining, as well as the correct technique from reinforced concrete foundations. Mother of pearl nails, bamboo nails to ensure rigidity and durability. It is this difference that brings different costs.

Materials in construction such as sand, fine sand, golden sand, gravel, cement, steel, house tiles, toilet tiles, sanitary equipment, … also determine the cost of building a 2-storey house. Thai roof. Prices of raw materials according to market reference are divided into 3 segments as follows:

  • Fair material: 5 million VND / m2
  • Good raw materials: 5.5 million VND / m2
  • High material: 6 million VND / m2

Construction time and location are the decisive factor to the cost when building Thai roof 2-storey house. Time is chosen according to the homeowner’s age to avoid conflicts, ensure a prosperous house, bring goodness, work development, health and happiness. Construction time is also to say to avoid choosing the time of the rainy season, flooding, affecting the construction progress, causing additional costs for homeowners.

The main construction site is convenient for transportation, transportation will not affect, save a lot of costs for homeowners when building.

And in order to have the above factors convenient and clear and inexpensive on the unnecessary parts, homeowners need to choose a reputable contractor, with long-term experience in the construction field. This selection will help homeowners calculate the exact construction cost of their house. Along with that, choosing a good design profile is also key division to help ensure construction.

Preparing a good finance is also a near and sufficient condition to be able to complete a beautiful Thai 2-storey house, as desired.

How to calculate the current cost of building a 2-storey Thai roof

The method of calculating construction cost is being applied at present.

How to calculate the cost of building a Thai roof = Gross area x Wages in m2.

To help homeowners better visualize this calculation, the article gives an example of the cost of building a Thai 2-storey house with an area of ​​100m2.

  • Raw area = Foundation + 1st floor + 2nd floor + Thai roof
  • The foundation: 50% of the area = 100m2 x 50% = 50m2
  • First floor: occupies 100% of the area = 100m2 = 100m2
  • Floor 2 = First floor: occupies 100% of the area = 100m2 = 100m2
  • For the roof, the homeowner decides to choose the Thai roof for construction, so it accounts for 50% = 100 x 50% = 50m2
  • Area of ​​a 2-storey Thai roof house: 50m2 + 100m2 + 100m2 + 50m2 = 300m2

The construction unit price on the current market is calculated by the following two ways:

The first way: Construction contractors, finishing workers, the cost ranges from 3 million VND to 3.5 million VND / m2 using materials with medium prices.

  • Applying the formula for calculating the cost of building a Thai roof with an area of ​​300m2 just calculated above we have: 300m2 x 3,000,000 = 900,000,000 VND / m2

The second way: The contractor takes care of from a to z – Turnkey, the cost ranges from 4.5 million VND to 6 million VND / m2, choosing materials from medium to good.

  • Applying the formula for calculating the cost of building a Thai roof with an area of ​​100m2 just calculated above we have: 300m2 x 4,500,000 = 1,350,000,000 VND / m2

This unit price will fluctuate depending on different localities, depending on raw material prices as well as labor costs. But homeowners only need to apply the correct formula to calculate the cost of building Thai roofs for their house. The raw construction unit price does not include costs for interior interior equipment such as house tiles, toilet tiles, tiles, …

So, with the above formula and calculation you have somewhat understood How to calculate the cost of building a 2-storey Thai roof house then, right? This is just a typical number for you to be moderate and calculate the overall cost of your house. If you want accurate please liên hệ us, with the complete data provided will surely give you the most accurate cost.

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