Tổng hợp những mẫu nhà cấp 4 rộng 7m đẹp tuyệt vời nhất và tuyệt hảo nhất

Sample house level 4 wide 7m gives homeowners a number of special advantages, especially in a well-ventilated appearance. Design style varies depending on the depth of the house. Let’s take a look at all these amenities and house level 4 models offline!

Highlights of the current grade 4 house model

Before going together to refer to the beautiful grade 4 house model, let’s take a look at some outstanding features of the current grade 4 house model.

Suitable for the tropical climate of Vietnam

In general, whether it is a grade 4 house with mezzanine or a grade 4 house with Thai roofs, it is very suitable for our country’s climatic conditions and Vietnamese taste. In addition, most of the 4-grade house with 7m frontage is also suitable for traditional architecture, creating a friendly feeling for the user.

Diverse in shapes and designs

Currently, the fourth grade house models are very diverse and rich in area, from beautiful small fourth grade houses with an area of ​​60-70 m2 to houses that can be larger than 100m2.

As a rule, for such models there can be from 2 to 5 bedrooms, depending on usage requirements, the number of members of the host’s family. 1-storey house model level 4 is considered the most ideal house model, with a perfect connection with the surrounding nature that very few models can do. Especially when combined with modern materials such as transparent glass, the space becomes more open and close to nature.

Save construction costs

Because the construction structure of the category 4 house model is very simple, the construction cost of the 4-star model is also relatively low. Therefore, it is also suitable for many types of families, including small and medium sized ones.

Sample house grade 4 wide 7m wide 10m deep

Below is a sample of a grade 4 house with an area of ​​7x10m, built on a 7x25m plot to save construction costs. Flat roofs are always a reasonable option when homeowners want to build more floors in the future. To do this, the structure of the ground floor of the house must be very solid.

This 4-storey roof house is simply designed. The main light green màu sắc adds a modern touch to the whole house. The front wall is covered with natural black stone to create accents. There is an additional sliding top door for added air. The front door of the living room uses dark xingfa aluminum. Yellow brown wood imitation stone accents in the doorway around the front door.

There is a seating area and kitchen right behind the main entrance. Separating these two rooms is a fine art parquet floor. Behind the dining room is the shared bedroom and bathroom. To increase ventilation for the house, the architect designed a small scene next to the dining table. In the dining room, aluminum and glass sliding doors help you have a sweeping view of the landscape, adding modernity and harmony to your home.

Initially, it was just a design of a 7m-1 ground floor, but for convenience, the stairs are designed in front of the guest table. Currently, the road will lead to the rooftop. If the tutor has enough funds, the construction of the 2nd floor will be very easy. There may be a storage area or a decorative wooden shelf under the stairs.

Sample house grade 4 wide 7m wide 12m deep

Architects are very good at using the roof system that is very suitable for the overall architectural beauty of the house and suitable for the climate of our country. There are models to consider if you live in an open countryside. Each space is arranged appropriately and optimally to fully meet the living requirements of the members. The use of the first floor of a 7x12m-grade house model includes front yard, living room, kitchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, backyard. The house is divided into 2 main parts. The right part has a living room located right behind the front door followed by the dining table, inside this part is the kitchen and backyard for drying. The left part consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the middle.

Model 4 house wide 7m modern flat roof

The next model is the grade 4 house with a modern flat-roof mezzanine. The house was crushed at first sight with white accents combined with gray Inax bricks dividing the walls into small squares and monotonous side walls. Entire black doors are combined with doors and fences to create a harmonious look. This level 4 house has all the features you need.

First floor: garage and yard, living room, kitchen and dining table, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, backyard. Inside the front door there is a living room next to the garage. In the center of the house there is a kitchen with a large dining table. The stairs are located right behind the living room to ensure aesthetics and convenience. Inside there are 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

Mezzanine: drying room, worship room, 1 bedroom, terrace. This floor has a spacious terrace you can take advantage of to plant trees and organize a party. There is a worship room next to the stairs. Inside there is a second bedroom with a private bathroom. This design helps to optimize the personal space of family members.

Sample house grade 4 wide 7m wide 14m deep

This grade 4 house design can be suitable for urban homes. Because the land area of ​​length and width is not too large but still ensures the parking capacity, number of bedrooms and yard, this 7-meter-front house model has all the features you need. Living room and living room are divided into two separate front spaces. Next is the dining room and 3 bedrooms. At the end of the house, there are 2 bathrooms separate from members’ private spaces.

Model of grade 4 house with deviated roof 7m wide and 15m deep

With a design of a house with 4 area of ​​7x15m is designed in European style, extremely unique and novel. The house uses milky white tones in a harmonious and delicate manner. The deflection roof is very unique and eye-catching. This will be a 4-star house worth owning by many Vietnamese families. The house’s function is focused on the ground floor: courtyard, living room, kitchen, dining room, 2 bedrooms (1 master bedroom, 1 children’s room), laundry room, 2 bathrooms. Above you will find garden, party and soaking terrace.

Above is a summary of a 7m-wide, grade 4 house that Construction Number sent to you. Hope you will find many good ideas for your dream home!

Model 4-house with Thai roof 7m wide, 10m deep

Model 4-grade house with 7m horizontal roof, 15m long, is designed with modern, simple and elegant architectural block. Architecture shows significantly more freshness and sustainability than other home designs. Gray tones are chosen as the roof style for the home design. The design of the house is quite high and the slope is large, so it brings a pretty attractive beauty to the opposite person.

To create an attraction for the house model, the architects have chosen to design and install a coffee-colored wooden door system combined with safety laminated glass to create a quite luxurious and modern space. From the main hall to enter is the living room with a fairly high and airy space. Deep inside is the kitchen area, large dining table and warehouse. This common living area is designed separately from the separate living and sleeping area.

Opposite the living room is the chapel, three bedrooms. The shared bathroom is designed in the corners of the house, separated from the living space and sleeping space of other members. The chapel is separate from the living room due to the large and long construction area. Therefore, the architect has separated the shrine room from the living room to ensure the density of the common interior space. This is convenient for family worship.

Sample house grade 4 wide 7m wide 20m deep

The construction area of ​​7×20 m is convenient for building spacious houses of grade 4. The level 4 house is designed with the main white tones, combined with red corrugated iron roof, under 7 m horizontal and 20 m deep. The roof rim is poured with concrete. The courtyard floor is used as a backdrop of marble, adding to the architecture of this 4-star Thai house. Perspective flying bird with brick porch background, red corrugated iron roof.

On the ground floor there is a living room outside. There is an extra door leading to the kitchen by car. Next is 2 bedrooms. In the middle of the two bedrooms there are stairs leading up to the mezzanine. There was another small living room at the end of the hallway. Mezzanine floor of this design has 1 worship room and 1 bedroom. In addition, a part of the floor with the fish tank behind, put tea tables and chairs.

Model 4-grade house is 7m wide with impressive diagonal roof

The following 7m wide roof model is a great choice for homeowners who love impressive innovation, but still ensure aesthetics and usability. The house is a new breakthrough in the fourth grade house with the combination of a sturdy square box and a stylish roof.

màu sắc is also an important factor in the attractiveness of this 7 meter wide model. Instead of using vibrant colors, the house is designed in a white brown duo that gives a warm and elegant atmosphere.

Sample house level 4 wide 7m combined garden

In recent years, the design trend related to nature is a popular design trend. So there is no reason for a 7m 4 star house with a garden to not explode

It offers a peaceful and airy living space surrounded by green gardens. However, this is also an ideal place for members to relax after stressful working hours.

Sample house level 4 wide 7m wide with mezzanine

With a mezzanine to increase the space used for a 7-meter grade house, this model is not a bad choice for families. The mezzanine above the homeowner can be used as a bedroom, a church room, or a warehouse to increase usability without affecting the aesthetic value of the house.

Model 4-storey 7m wide European style

The houses are designed in an elegant and luxurious European style. And this is also one of the trends in building beautiful houses that promise to bring many surprises

The 7m wide house model is designed in a modern European style, the combination of the wide tile roof with large cubic tubes lượt thích this beautiful model. It is also surrounded by lush green gardens, creating an extremely romantic and peaceful scene lượt thích a high-end resort villa.

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