Totally Accurate Battlegrounds: Những mẹo hữu ích cho người chơi mới

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TAB) is a survival game quite similar to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds but in a humorous version. If PUBG focuses more on fierce battlefields, where gamers destroy each other, TAB is the complete opposite.

This game does not offer tightly controlled rules and competitive balanced gameplay, TAB simply gives players endless fun. The game world is full of wacky, quirky characters and physics.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds has quirky and funny physics

If you’re new to the game and looking for a helpful guide, read on for Totally Accurate Battlegrounds tips and tricks for beginners.

Familiarize yourself with the weapons

TAB players need to be familiar with all weapons, including grenades

TAB players need to be familiar with all weapons, including grenades

As a parody survival game, TAB plays quite like PUBG or Fortnite, gamers will choose the right landing spot, listen to enemy footsteps and gunfire, and break into houses to find equipment. .

However, buildings in TAB tend to be sparser than in other survival games. So do a lot of searching and be prepared to use different weapons, to be able to use both grenades and axes, instead of just relying on a rifle.

Best landing site

Map of landing locations in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Map of landing locations in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

First and foremost, don’t land in the water, as it will turn the screen blue and then stay that way for the duration of the match. It’s not clear if this is a bug or one of those obnoxious glitches that was intentionally set up.

Military Place, found on the island in the southwest corner of the map, is the best landing spot at this point. Make sure to find the vehicle on one of the suburban roads, along with lots of buildings to collect weapons and armor. Whether you prefer close combat or sniping, Military Place is the right terrain for the game.

Military Place also has many hiding spots and overhead buildings to snipe incoming opponents. With all the tunnels and corridors, the player can effectively hide and take out enemies with melee weapons if guns are not found yet.

Use items and weapons in battles

Keys F used to interact with its surroundings and pick up items, but its layout is different from many familiar survival games.

Press Tab to access your inventory and then right click to use items like bandages and healing kits. However, do not move while using them, as the timer seems to stop if going backwards or forwards.

Importantly, the gun is not preloaded, so press CHEAP to reload weapons as soon as they are picked up or they won’t fire when using them.

Inventory in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Inventory in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Gamers also have to press first, 2, 3 or 4 manually to choose the next gun to use, as well as to switch to grenades.

Press any button, such as the . key USA to view the map or F12 to take a screenshot, unequip the weapon, so be ready to press the number keys again afterwards.

When you finally find a weapon, be sure to use absurd physics to your advantage. For example, people can equip a high recoil gun like a shotgun, then aim at the ground or corner of a wall and jump while firing to throw themselves up to hit an enemy.

Getting close to the goal is the best way

Aiming at an opponent at close range gives the best chance of winning. Players will notice enemies shooting at them from all over the map as soon as they start playing. Opponents won’t hit everyone unless they’re extremely lucky. Move the zig zag towards the target and use the shotgun to aim.

Utilize the power of the water gun

Players should take advantage of the power of the water gun instead of ignoring it

Players should take advantage of the power of the water gun instead of ignoring it

People should not throw away the water gun when they find it because it is a great weapon to take down opponents quickly.

Throw everything hard at the target, then use the water gun to knock it down. Finally, use your main weapon to detonate it. This simple process will help deal a lot of damage to the opponent.

Switch to fully automatic firing

One shot is the default setting in this game. Any weapon the player takes is set to fire one shot as soon as it is collected.

Mastering the controls to be able to quickly pounce on your enemies with a barrage of bullets would be for the best. Hitting an enemy with a single shot is unthinkable in TAB because it’s incredibly difficult.

Send a message with a dove

Transport pigeons can help the player send messages to others, especially to warn of distant enemies.

Enter some text in the chat window if you want to send a carrier pigeon. Click on the left instead of pressing enter and everyone will be prompted with a text bubble and a dove . With it, gamers can taunt people all over the map.


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